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My Story: How I Became A Certified Digital Marketer

Lami Godlove is a certified didital marketer from Google in Africa

I’ve always dreamt of working in a financial institution such as a bank and never thought I could ever be a certified digital marketer from Google here in Africa. But because I flunked multiple times at the University of Yaoundé II – Soa since I couldn’t speak a word of the French language, my parents could no longer afford my university expenses so the only way out for me was to hustle for myself as going back home without the certificate was not an option.

I came up with the idea to offer English Language lessons to francophone primary schools even though I flunked the English Language in college.

Long story short, after a hustle, I had my first degree in Economics and Management while still serving as a teacher this time in a renounced primary school, teaching Class 4, 6, and college for over 6 years.

While teaching, something kept pounding on me that there was more to life than just clocking in and out of school, and from the houses of parents I offered extra home classes.

I would be more interested when a friend says; “Hey, there is a business seminar here and there, would you have time to attend this weekend?”

And without hesitation, I’ll buy a ticket from one town to the other, pay for my hotel for two days to listen to what they had to say…from networking to network marketing, workshops, and more… 

While their theories and testimonies sounded mind-blowing, non of those worked for me when I gave it a try.

However, during this particular seminar, the speaker gave us a reference to watch a video on YouTube at the time the cost of data connection was still very high…I sacrificed my time and money and watched the video.

And by some struck of faith, I landed on this particular guy who taught me out-of-network marketing. 

I had dug up all my life savings into Network marketing…I even sold some of my belongings including my brand-new Samsung flat-screen just to maintain my monthly network marketing obligations.

After this guy rescued me from my ‘business’, and helped me dust myself up, he gave me this one particular skill that transformed the entire course of my life

To Be Continued…

Why I Chose SEO And How It Helped Me Become A Certified Digital Marketer From Google…

I realized that my skills in creating websites for companies and brands are incomplete, unprofessional, and most importantly a huge COST in their businesses rather than an INVESTMENT which is why most of them no longer desire to create websites for their businesses.

And the ones who already have websites no longer want to spend money on improving their websites because it doesn’t generate any income for their businesses.

So knowing that 99% of websites found online don’t drive traffic because of a lack of SEO technics and tricks.

I sought to be among that 1% by creating websites for companies, brands, and myself that are Google friendly-fully optimized for search engines, which will not only drive massive traffic but also generate revenue for us all

So any website that I create or charged to work & improve upon is going to be among that 1% of the websites found in that particular NICHE because SEO has covered my loopholes on web design and digital marketing.

With my proven Copywriting methodology I’ve helped over 5 clients start out and achieve their ROI – Return On Investment.

Growing their social media following to an average of over 500% in just 6 months

Growing their email list to an average of over 200% in just 6 months

As a “Sales Man In Print”, increasing their sales to an average of over 20%

My strength is, I search deep down, truly identifying who really your ideal audience is and what your audience and clients want.

And then I create engaging content that connects with your audience and clients, speaking to them one on one that they consume and love sharing with their friends and relations…

Today, I am Certified By Google in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Skills

How did this happen?

Most people and I only know of Google Chrome, Google Translate, Gmail, and Google Maps and that’s all.

In 2020, I was all over the place on Google discovering how profound Google really is…

Since I already knew about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Site Kit due to the fact that websites need all these free yet powerful tools from Google, little did I know how profound Google really is.

So the more I expanded my curiosity, the more I discover more powerful yet free tools offered by Google. Ranging from other Google websites, and apps to subdomains(sub-websites), the list is literarily long.

But the ones that caught my attention the most are sites such as;

ThinkWithGoogle.Com; when I first heard of this, just the name told me if you must succeed on Google, you’ve got to ThinkWithGoogle. Just as the name suggests. What I did was I subscribed to their email list and started getting insights on what Google wants…

Google Trends tells you what the word is searching now online. If you want to stay up to date on what’s trading online, look no further than Google Trends…

Google Digital Skills for Africa: This is the unique Google website that made a difference in my Digital Marketing Career. Even though everything seems familiar, the certification quiz is a bit tricky especially if you have little to no knowledge about how various types of websites function and how to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

The bottom line is if I can do it, so can you.

Google Digital Skills for Africa Certification for Lami Godlove

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If I have to talk about Google and its products, then my story will not end.
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